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Our team of highly skilled mentors & instructors are here to help you progress through your ATC Training with us.

Alfred Tang (Senior Instructor) (English/Cantonese)
Alfred is a I3 within the vACC he is the Director of the Hong Kong vACC as well as the Training Director. Alfred has filled many roles in the past including VATASIA1 & VATASIA2. He is extremely skilled and has the most experience in the entire training team.

Oscar Chui (Instructor) (English/Cantonese)
Oscar is the Deputy Director of the Hong Kong vACC as well as also previously been a highly skilled mentor at the Hong Kong vACC. He recently has been appointed an Instructor within the vACC and brings an extremely high knowledge in the Area of Air Traffic Control. He is very skilled holding these two position for many years now.

Bailey Brown (Mentor S3) (English)
Bailey has been a mentor in the Hong Kong vACC since early 2018. He is a C1 who is also a Gander Oceanic Instructor and a VATOCE Pilot Instructor. Bailey is also the Manager of Publications for the Hong Kong vACC and is extremely skilled with the Euroscope client and backend as well. Bailey is also very experienced with different phraseology around the world being a visiting controller almost everywhere.

John Cheng (Mentor S2) (English/Cantonese)
John is an S3 within the Hong Kong vACC and has been a mentor since mid 2018. He brings a lot of experience to the training team.

Ryan Yung (Mentor S2) (English/Cantonese)
Ryan has been a mentor with the Hong Kong vACC since mid 2018. During this time he has gained a lot of experience training students and currently holds a C1 rating.

Rain Yuen (Mentor S1) (English/Cantonese)
Rain is a mentor within the Hong Kong vACC. He is one of the two newest members to join our team and currently holds an S3 rating.

Kai Ko (Mentor S2) (English/Cantonese)
Kai is the newest mentor to join the team. He is a very experienced C1 controller within the team and is experienced with controlling in the vACC. He is very approachable and is always willing to go that extra mile.

Christopher Waldo (Visiting Mentor All Ratings) (English)
Chris is a real world pilot bring vast experience into the Hong Kong vACC's training team!

Hoo Jiong Sheng (Visiting Mentor All Ratings) (English)
Hoo is a visiting mentor within the Hong Kong vACC who is always there to lend a hand and always willing to help others.

Samuel Bonnekamp (Mentor S1) (English)
Sam is a gweilo mentor at Hong Kong who is always willing to go that extra mile with people! Wether that is getting rid of their fear to speak on the network or getting rid of the controller roster he is always here to help.