Pilot Information

Welcome to Hong Kong FIR!

Whether you are flying to world-class Hong Kong Intl Airport (VHHH), experiencing the breathtaking IGS13 Approach at Kai Tak (VHHX), or just visiting the casino city of Macau (VMMC) via the challenging LLZ RWY 16 approach, our team is always here to help you with your flight on VATSIM. Here, you are presented with a library of information that you may need for your next visit to Hong Kong FIR. Please free to browse around the Pilot Information section.

Planning a future group flight?

Whether you planning a group flight for a virtual airlines, or just a few friends flying together in Hong Kong FIR, our team would be glad to coordinate with you to provide your group with our professional ATC service. Please contact us by email Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.08.05 PM to request for ATC service by including the date, time, airport(s), number of pilots expected and the nature of your group flight.

Looking for VATSIM Pilot Training?

Unfortunately, Hong Kong VACC does not provide pilot training at this time. Currently, VATSEA division offers up to P1 rating in its training programme. For more information, visit VATSEA Pilot Training.

Please visit the VATSIM Pilot Training website for facilities providing training beyond the P1 rating.