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Kai Tak Revive

Event Date and time
Saturday July 6th 2019 1200Z – 1400Z

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Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Kai Kai International Airport (VHHX/HKG)


On July 6 1998, Hong Kong’s Kai Tak international airport took its last flight and closed its doors, moving all operations at the airport to the current Hong Kong International Airport. Although it has been 21 years since then, its legacy continues to live on. For example, right here on VATSIM, the Hong Kong vACC continues to keep Kai Tak under the ICAO code VHHX as one of the aiports it controls.

Want to re live the thrilling moments of the Kai Tak IGS 13 approach as it flies over the residential buildings in Kowloon city? Well come join the HKVACC as we celebrate the 21st anniversary of Kai Tak’s closure with an event on July 6th 2019 from 1200Z – 1600Z, as we provide full ATC service!


Please pay attention to our Facebook, Discord, and Website for any new information that maybe added after the time of posting this.


Discord: z28vMhA


We discourage flying into the current Hong Kong international airport (VHHH) as it will cause conflicts with the heavy traffic we are expecting. And also the airports weren’t built the coexist in real life.

Runway 13 will be in use, however if the winds are too poor for 13 we will change it upon notice. If you wish to land on runway 31 expect major delays.

Fly in or out anywhere!




VHHH:Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok


Gibson Sceneries Scenery Giveaway

No scenery will be given away in this upcoming event!


Gibson Sceneries
We are very lucky to have our event sponsored by Gibson Sceneries. The goal of Gibson Sceneries is to cover large areas of real scenery at economical prices for the flight simulator enthusiast or professional whether it be for simulating fast Tactical Jet Fighters, Military Transport flights, Commuter and Domestic Airline flights or General Aviation Aircraft  flying at medium to high altitudes.

What scenery is being given away?
Gibson Sceneries new Hong Kong – Shanghai En-route Scenery.

Bounded by Longitude 112E to the coast in the east and between south of Hong Kong to north of Shanghai, in true color 15m Landsat 8 satellite imagery for enroute flight simulation. Perfect for cruising at above medium altitudes. You will have a choice of having imagery underlying “sim”water to give a realistc water look or use default sim water. There is also an option of “Dual” Scenery if you have a favourite higher resolution Land Class scenery to show at lower altitudes whilst the “real” imagery scenery will display outside your cockpit at higher altitudes.

How to enter?

Details on how to enter will be published on the Day of the Event.

How will it be drawn?
This will be randomly drawn from the program Excel and the winner will be messaged on their email they entered in. You will receive your Hong Kong – Shanghai En-route scenery within 5 days of being notified.

Gibson Sceneries Store
The website for the Developer Gibson Sceneries is  His scenery is excellent and very well done for platforms including: Flight Simulator X (Steam Edition Included), Prepar3d v1, v2, v3 & v4. He does En-route scenery for Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania & the Northern Territory.