HQ System

VATSIM HQ Syetem is an online organizational management system originally developed by the VATSIM African & Middle East Region (VATAME). It has now been adopted by the South East Asia Division to improve divisional management and VACC management.


Upon joining Hong Kong VACC, controllers, home and visiting alike, shall sign up for an account by simply logging onto the HQ system for the first time via VATSIM SSO with their VATSIM credentials. Prior to doing so, the controller shall ensure that the membership profile on CERT has been set to VATSEA as division and Hong Kong as VACC.

Beginning from 15 June 2016, all training requests of current members will only be handled through the HQ system. Controllers requesting training shall indicate their availability on the relevant page of the HQ system. Exam activities will continue to take place on ATSIM and will not be migrated to the HQ System.

Help Documents

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