Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

All Standard Operating Procedures for Hong Kong VACC are posted here:

Standards related to ATC positions (SOP001-010):

HKVACC-SOP001-R4(Hong Kong International Airport SOP)

HKVACC-SOP002-R1 (Macau International Airport SOP)

HKVACC-SOP003-R1 (Kaitak International Airport SOP)

HKVACC-SOP004-R1 (Hong Kong Terminal Airspace SOP)

HKVACC-SOP005-R1 (Hong Kong En-route Radar Control SOP)

HKVACC-SOP006-R1 (Hong Kong Visual Flight Rules Control SOP)

HKVACC-SOP007-R1 (Pre-departure Clearance SOP) 

Standards related to general practices (SOP011-SOP030):

HKVACC-SOP011-R5 (Voice Communication Setup and ATIS Guide)

HKVACC-SOP012-R1 (Text Callsign Usage and Visual Range at Hong Kong VACC)

HKVACC-SOP013-R1 (Hong Kong VACC Sector File Installation)

Standards related to Topics in Air Traffic Control (SOP051-SOP100):

HKVACC-SOP051-R1 (Hong Kong Airspace Introductory Guide)

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